[BoltsNBytes] Edge Integrations + DrupalCon 2022 Demo Preview with Steve Persch

Put a bird on it, Pantheon Community! How do you balance stability and success on your web projects?

It’s time for Drupalcon 2022 and Pantheon’s famous booth demo. This year, we’re giving you a sneak preview of what we’re discussing via BoltsNBytes!

We discuss Pantheon’s Edge Integrations with Steve Persch, Director of Technical Marketing. Learn more about how Pantheon can empower your web team to do have stable, personalized websites with Advanced Global CDN solutions.

At an agency and want to give Steve feedback on how we can improve your developer team’s experience? Join our Pantheon Slack Community’s Edge Integrations Channel.

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Also, can someone please explain to me “put a bird on it”? Videos and clips would be helpful!