Best Drupal Content Creation Workflow in Pantheon

We are new to Pantheon and I am looking for the best workflow for content development. Let me explain.

We have a drupal site that we are planning on making substantial changes to the main navigation and content flow. We plan to change the theme, add custom blocks, create taxonomies, add views, modify menu items, links etc. Weeks worth of changes.

Is there a work flow where we could make all of these changes on dev play around trouble shoot etc then move to Test to QA them and then move to Production for the live changes.

My current understanding is that with Pantheon/Drupal the above listed changes would be considered “content” changes not “code” changes.

Code changes would include things like updating core drupal, theme php files, adding modules.

Is there a workflow where I can accomplish this?


@joseph.bradfield I would recommend using a multidev to make the “new” version of the site and then push the code/db/files upstream. This way dev/test/live can still be updated without pushing any of your code changes before they are tested and ready. However, be aware that pushing the db/files will wipe anything that changed in the other environments.

One trick I use on a site that has a data update each month is to temporarily make live read only so I don’t have to worry about losing content, users, etc. on the live environment. This is done via the Read only mode | module.

Steps to push the “new” version upstream

  1. In the dashboard go the environment you want to push the Multidev db/files to, for instance Dev.
  2. Under Database/Files > Clone select the source environment to pull the db, files, or both from.
  3. Select the button and then wait.
  4. Repeat on Test/Live when ready.

@crowdcg If i was making a change in drupal like creating a new article type and making posts, how do you merge those changes to the live DB?