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BackstopJS with our Pantheon CircleCI Orb?

Does anyone have a working .circleci/config.yml file for the new Pantheon CircleCI Orb that kicks off a backstopJS process? and your write up of how to use it?

I have BackstopJS working locally, but I’d love to make it kick off with the multidev build.

(and follow up, how to make drush cim kick off with the PR build?)

Thank you!

@steve.persch may be able to help!

He’s already been a big help, I didn’t want to ask him directly before anyone else could help :slight_smile:

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As we say down here in the South, that’s a big’un. I don’t know if your sites are huge, but if they are, I would recommend setting up a permanent and updated lite version of your site that you can use to clone and run regression tests against. I wrote up how to do this recently and you may find it helpful.

Now here’s my config.yml and here’s its referenced script.

So plug those into your .circleci setup and see if you can get it working. You may need to pump in some environment variables into your CircleCI project. Mine has ADMIN_EMAIL, ADMIN_PASSWORD, GITHUB_TOKEN, GIT_EMAIL, TERMINUS_SITE, TERMINUS_TOKEN, and TEST_SITE_NAME.

Hope that helps!

- Jason

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@purdy thank you for this, I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, but I will this week!

Hi @duran !

Sorry for missing this. I have two real sites that use the Orb + Backstop.

They both use a backstop-config.js file to supply the config.

Backstop can be configured with plain .json file but I use js for processing of things like the multidev url as a variable.

The actual Backstop + Circle interaction is happening through yet another Orb.

playground: fauxalgore/playground@0.0.2

You are welcome to use that Orb or copy/paste its contents into your own Circle yml. I’ve been collaborating with Faux Al Gore in order to get comfortable with the conventions and release procedures before I use them on Pantheon’s official orb.

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Thank you @steve.persch ! – now I’ve got some homework. Looking forward to giving this a try.