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Background images and the CDN

So how can I determine whether an image is being served through the Pantheon CDN? In this particular instance, a third-party auditing tool says that background images (which are being set as inline styles based on an image field) are not being served through the CDN, while all other images are. I’m not quite sure how to confirm that they are right, and if so, what to do about it.

I’ve reviewed this page:

specifically this section

That leads me to think there’s nothing we need to do to ensure that inline images are served through CDN. Am I reading that right?

Any advice is appreciated.

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Can you provide a link to an image example? AFAIK all traffic is going through Fastly. It’s possible the auditing tool doesn’t consider Fastly a CDN?

Here’s the site in question:

One additional point in case it wasn’t clear: The auditing tool said that most, but not all images, were being served through CDN.

I looked at a few tests and I’m not seeing anything that would make me think the CDN isn’t working for certain images.


Thanks for the confirmation!

Hey, all, thought I’d do a quick update. We’ve determined that the report of backgrounds NOT being served through the CDN were erroneous. It was an interesting exercise to explore this, even though it was kinda wasted time.

Thanks to @jfoust for assistance!

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