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August & September WordCamps/Events

These are the upcoming WordCamps we are sponsoring :clap: If you’re going to one of these events, or attending another WordCamp or another event we would love to hear from you!

WordCamp for Publishers

WordCamp Birmingham

WordCamp Montreal

WordCamp Minneapolis

WordCamp Orlando

WordCamp Iloilo

WordCamp NYC:

WordCamp Sacramento

WordSesh Europe

WordCamp Vancouver

We hope to see you at one of these events! :wave:

Repost from our very own @rzen :clap:

WordSesh EMEA is happening September 25, 2019 and is scheduled to best accommodate attendees across Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

If you haven’t heard of WordSesh before today: this is a 100% virtual conference for WordPress professionals.

I’m looking for more folks to apply to speak on virtually any development and business topics. Every speaker receives a complimentary speaker coaching session, a $250 stipend, and a few other perks.

You can find the full details, and apply to speak, at

I would also encourage you to attend and help spread the word across your other social networks :slight_smile: – Thanks!

Hi McKenna. I’m curious as to more specifically what types of topics and/or level of technical detail you’re looking for. I am interested in being a speaker, but I have a tendency to struggle with “Impostor Syndrome”, so I’d want to make sure I can cover something interesting in a broad and deep way.


Hey Rob!

I can definitely relate to those feelings! It looks like call for speakers just closed :frowning:

However, I am happy to reach out to see if there is anyway you can be part of all the fun! Let me reach out to some other team members to see what we can do.

Also @rzen is the lead organizer for this awesome WordSesh! I am sure he is happy to answer your above question and any other ones you might have!

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Indeed, the speaker application closed on Friday, Aug 9. There were a ton of applications this time around, too! More than 90% of them are going to get rejected because the event hosts such a small speaker lineup.

@webidextrous for the future events, I encourage you to ignore your impostor syndrome. There are scores of people who know a topic better than you and who can teach it better than you. But they’re not available. YOU are the one who is, and your experience is different from everyone else. Share what you know, and what you’re excited about, and forget about anyone else who might be able to share on the same or similar topic.

Applications for the next WordSesh event will open around January, so keep your eyes peeled for that. If you haven’t already joined the mailing list, I suggest you join now so you can get notified :slight_smile:

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I’ve just joined the mailing list and will watch for the speakers request email for January. Are they always held on Sundays? That’s a no-can-do day for me as I have church obligations going on every Sunday. But if it’s on any other day (that doesn’t have a conflict) I’m interested.

It’s funny, though, I organized and run a WordPress Meetup (West Orlando WordPress) and I regularly give presentations and coach people. I even told them all at our meeting last night when asking for people to volunteer to present to ignore their “impostor syndrome”. Apparently I can readily give this advice but have a hard time taking my own medicine! haha

Definitely not. As a matter of fact, they’ve never been and probably won’t ever be held on a Sunday. For the most part, WordSesh are scheduled for Wednesdays in order to avoid conflict with other events.

Did you see it advertised as a Sunday event somewhere? I’m super curious and want to correct that if it is the case.

Oops! My bad. I was thinking I was looking at September 25th but I was actually still on the August month view in my calendar, so I’m happy to be wrong about that because I’ll be able to attend. :slight_smile:

I hope I’m not getting anyone in trouble by saying this, but at WordCamp Orlando today the first table I went to was Pantheon’s and nobody was there. Later in the day the table had disappeared.

But it was cool meeting other Heroes in person. :slight_smile: I’m writing this from @royboy789’s excellent presentation on building web apps with the new WordPress editor.

Hey Rob!

Thanks for letting us know! Since we only had two of our awesome heroes there: @royboy789 & @tessak22 delivering sessions we decided as a team to forgo setting up a booth for this Camp. My guess is that the organizer set up a booth in case we decided otherwise.

Anyways, I heard that was an awesome camp so I hope you had lots of fun!

Yeah, it was a good one! Thanks for the update.

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