Assemble mysql:// URL in connection info

A lot of people use Sequel Ace (Sequel Pro/Pancakes) application to interact with MySQL databases. I think it would be cool to have the database connection string in the form of a link on the Database connection info in the dashboard. This would be a simple href to: mysql://username:password@hostname:port/database

This would be similar to the “Open in SFTP client” link provided for the SFTP info.

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Might also want to update the order of the fields so that it matches the order of the other protocols while you’re in there :slight_smile:

I didn’t even know this was possible in some apps. Sadly, doesn’t look like the tool I’m using now in Windows handles that sort of thing, but I heartily endorse this feature because copying and pasting the fields individually is pretty rough.

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Hi, @jrearick-pfg, thanks for sharing this feature request with us! I wanted to let you know that another user had expressed interest for this earlier this year, and it’s been submitted as a feature request that is on our Product Team’s radar. I’ve let them know that both you + @dashifen have also expressed support for this, which is good so we know that there’s demand for this in our community!

If there are any any updates to this, I’ll be sure to let y’all know. Thanks to the both of you for helping us improve our products + services!

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