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Ask Me How My Cat Became The Stock Photo In Frames Sold At Nordstrom 🐱

Hi! Howdy! Hello! My name is Liz Bennie and I’m a Jr. Marketing Project Manager here at Pantheon. I started a little over a month ago and I’m currently helping out the Design and WebDev team while some wonderful ladies are on maternity leave. I sincerely apologize for how many meetings I’ve probably put on your calendar if you work in the Marketing department :upside_down_face:

I started working in the realm of Project Management after moving to Minneapolis four years ago and prior to that I worked as a dog walker (#thedream) and in customer service at a handful of startups in NYC. I’ve actually moved around quite a bit, growing up in Hoover, Alabama then going to college at Arizona State. After college I moved to Georgia for a quick minute, then New York City for a couple of years and finally settled here in Minneapolis. I think I’ve finally (fingers crossed) gotten used to the winters and have even picked up a few winter hobbies including snowshoeing and attempting to snowskate :snowflake:

In my free time you can find me hanging out with my cat Elliot (the love of my life), reading, watching tv, doing some sort of crafting, or playing pinball (my partner has a machine at home so it’s very pandemic friendly :slightly_smiling_face: ).

Pre-pandemic you could find me enjoying weekend visits to art museums, someone else making me a fancy craft cocktail, playing in a weekly pinball league and very much still hanging out with my cat Elliot :heart_eyes_cat:

Ask my anything!


Hi @lizbennie! :wave:

Thanks for sharing a little about yourself! You definitely had me at dog walker! Aka #thedream :dog: :heart: I have low key always wanted to be a doh walker, but I feel like I would never be able to return them to their owners because I am obsessed with dogs! Speaking of animals, I would love to see this famous :cat: of yours! Can you share some photos & maybe a little teaser into how Elliot made it into a stock photo at Nordstrom!?

Also I wanted to quickly note how alike we are! I also came from the startup world & like you have moved like 5 times in my 20’s alone. It’s funny because every time I think I am ready to settle down my adventurous personality jumps in & decides otherwise! Speaking of, who else is ready to travel again!?!? :raised_hands:

One last thing, if you are a fan of putting together fancy craft cocktails you must chat with @atoosacampbell @ashleynoda & @elishafeliciano! I swear these event goddesses can all put together a mean cocktail, so naturally you should all be friends! :heart:


Hi Mckenna!

Saying goodbye to my regular dogs was definitely one of the hardest things about leaving New York! It was a great way to explore different neighborhoods and for a while I had WAY too many pictures of other people’s dogs on my phone.

Here is a sneak peak of Elliot’s next frame! My sister is a merchandising manager at gift company that, instead of buying stock images, uses photos from their employees for all their frames. Elliot has beat out the other company cats for the pet frames along with one of my childhood dogs!

That’s awesome that you’ve also moved around and worked in the startup world! We’ll have to talk about our adventures and dream travel plans! :airplane:


Hi @lizbennie,

You’re practically a veteran compared to my 8th day here at Pantheon :joy: .

I had to comment on your love for Pinball which I also cannot get enough of. And like you, I’m fortunate enough to know someone who has not 1, not 2, but THREE pinball machines in his basement. Score!!

I’ve thought about joining a pinball league but never took the time to actually sign up. Did you play at Tilt? Do you have a favorite pinball game? I think that Dialed In, Total Nuclear Annihilation, and Lord of the Rings probably top my list.


Hi Liz! Thanks for sharing with us! Elliot is adorbs and I love that frame! So cool that you love pinball! Next time you visit the Bay Area, we must take you to the pinball museum in Alameda. It is fantastic - it has dozens of vintage and nostalgic machines, and you can play them all!

Some Pinball Questions:

What machine do you have at home?

Which do you prefere, the original or Elton John cover of The Who’s Pinball Wizard?

Does punching the flipper buttons really make them hit the ball harder?

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Yes to chatting about our startup experiences & travel plans! :heart:

And OH MY GOSH! Precious baby!! :cat: :heart_eyes_cat: What a beautiful kitty Liz! I am allergic, but I most definitely would have a few myself if I could! That is super, duper neat that your sister got Elliot/you the hookup there. I can see why Elliot has beaten out the competition! If she ever needs a super cute pupper [also a rescue] Chubs would glady say yes!


Yay Amber! We are so excited to have you here at Pantheon as well :slight_smile:

Not to steal the AMA away, but would love to hear how your experience has been so far!

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Hi Amber! And welcome to Pantheon!

I’m so jealous you have access to three machines! I never thought I would play Guardians of the Galaxy as much as I have in the past six months lol.

I did play in the league at Tilt! You should totally join when things are back up and running - everyone is always super nice and it’s a great weeknight activity. We actually just went back there for the first time this past weekend and it was great - we got there early so there were only a couple of people besides us and tons of sanitizer and everything! We also started doing a weekly tournament at Blainbrook out in Blaine at the beginning of the year.

Dialed In is actually my partners favorite game as well! I really love Bad Cats and World Cup Soccer but that may just because I love the graphics on the machines more than the gameplay :smiley_cat:


Hi Amanda! Elliot says thank you!

And that would be awesome! I’ve never actually been to a pinball museum! My partner has Guardians of the Galaxy (the original soundtrack for the has been replaced with all Three 6 Mafia). I pick Elton John! And I don’t think it actually helps hit the ball harder, but I’ve heard that it helps move the ball on the flipper better? I think some people just like being obnoxious though lol

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