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Ask Me Anything: Switching Roles in a Uncertain World

Full Name: Cassaundra Ramos
Title/Occupation: Assistant Brand Manager
Fun Fact: Prior to COVID, I was on track to pick up and move my entire life to Portugal!
LinkedIn Profile:
Instagram Handle: @cassramos

Hi! I’m Cass and I’m the Assistant Brand Manager at EBY. I’ve been introduced to the Pantheon Community from Pantheon’s Community Coordinator, McKenna Regets, who I also have the honor of calling one of my best friends!

I’ve been with EBY for almost a year now and have worn many different hats along the way. Working for a startup company has taught me so much and I’m constantly learning more, plus the flexibility of working remotely is pretty great too :slight_smile: A few of my main tasks are running our ambassador program and creating content for our social media channels. Before working with EBY, I worked for the State of Arizona for about 6 years at the Attorney General’s Office and the Supreme Court. So huge career shift - but so incredibly rewarding! I am also a full time student at Arizona State University, studying Integrative Health and Marketing - GO DEVILS!

I love to be outdoors, hiking with my dog, playing sports, participating in mud runs and marathons and my biggest passion is traveling! I spent a few months over the last couple of years studying abroad in Spain, Italy, England and Scotland and plan to move out of the country, hopefully sooner than later!

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Hi, Cass! Nice to meet you!

I was feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t get to go to Portugal for WordCamp Europe, but not getting to move there? SO SAD. I hope you get to follow your dreams soon.

I’d love to hear more about your ambassador program. How does it work? And what have you learned along the way?



Hey @cassramos :wave:

Thanks for sharing some of your experience with us all! And for being one of my best friends of course too :wink:

For starters, that photo is giving me all the traveling feels! Ahhhh can’t wait to jet-set around the world again! Can you share a little more about what a day in the life of a brand manager looks like? Or maybe just some tips for someone who is interested in stepping into a role like that?

Also for anyone interested in learning more about EBY you can check out their website here!

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Hi Tara!

Nice to meet you! It was definitely a huge life change at the drop of a hat - but I know it’ll all work out for the best :blush: hopefully they reschedule WordCamp Europe, sounds like such a great event!

Of course! Our ambassador program is all about confidence, feeling the best in your own skin and more exciting for our ambassadors - they earn some extra cash! They promote our product and become part of something even bigger than themselves. EBY is a women’s empowerment company and gives back 10% of proceeds to empower women out of poverty into business through microfinance loans. It’s an amazing company with an even better cause :blush:


Hi @McKennaR!

Of course, anything to support friends!

I cannot wait to travel again, I need some culture in my life and to get out of this AZ heat! Of course. My role everyday looks a little different, but mainly focused on the best strategies to continually grow our brand in a positive way. This includes retention and acquisition aspects, our social media presence, making sure that our customer’s experience is top notch, finding the best people to rep our brand, how we engage with our current and new customers, and revamping initiatives where we feel are needed to continue an upward trend. I’ve been very blessed to work with a company and team that supports room for personal and professional growth while learning new skill sets along the way.

Yes, please go check out our website - there are SO MANY new and exciting things on the horizon!


Hi Cass!

It’s great to virtually meet you. EBY seems like a pretty cool company for a girl to work!

Looking at your IG page, it seems like a bold, slightly rebellious, and most importantly, empowering organization! Do you feel that your decision to take chances and deviate from conservative social posts has helped you connect with your target audience & build the brand?

Also, your career change from the Attorney General’s Office to EBY is definitely a big switch! How did you happen to start working for EBY?


I cannot wait to travel again, I need some culture in my life and to get out of this AZ heat!

:point_up_2: Amen to escaping this heat! Thanks for sharing more about your role! I forgot to ask you this–how does someone become part of your brand ambassador program? What does this look like?

Also LOVE my EBYS! Seriously the most comfortable :slight_smile: If you ever need a customer testimony, you let me know. I am definitely happy to give one!

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Heyo Cass!
Welcome to the community. I, too, cannot wait to travel again… what’s funny is, Arizona is one on the first places I’ll be going. My son moved there in May to attend trade school, and I sure do miss him!

EBY sounds very rad.

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