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Ask me about my tomato garden 🍅

Hi there!

I’m Dorna, a Product Designer here at Pantheon. As a designer, I partner closely with our engineers and product managers to figure out what our many different users need. I then help craft the look and feel of our tools. Prior to Pantheon, I was the lead designer for a HR startup in San Francisco. Before that, I made the transition to design after several years in customer-facing roles, including driver recruitment in the early days of Lyft.

A lot of my free time is spent on dance choreography, or on finding new music that I can mix for a future dance. My best friends and I have a Persian Dance Group that performed (pre-quarantine) a mixture of classical and modern Persian dance.

I also am an avid cook. My recent obsessions have been homemade pasta, focaccia, hummus, and pretty much anything else with carbs. Most recently, I’ve picked up gardening as a quarantine hobby. I’ve successfully harvested a bunch of heirloom tomatoes, as well as cayenne peppers and mint. My pipe dream has always been to host a cooking show on YouTube.

While I’m relatively new to working with Drupal and Wordpress, I’m excited to learn more about this fantastic community. Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated!

Ask me anything! Here are some topics that might get you started:

  • My dog Shaggy :dog:
  • Friends or 30 Rock trivia
  • Our research and design methods here at Pantheon

How many times does one have to pivot before calling it quits?


Hi @dorna :wave:

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us! I am super excited to learn more about how you made the transition from Customer Experience to Product Designer & how you feel working in the CX space better prepared you for the role you are in now!

I am also dying to see a picture of Shaggy :dog: :heart: Because I mean lets face it, the world is better with puppers in it!

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Well, I guess I will ask about your tomato garden! How did it do this year? What is your favorite ways to use the tomatoes you picked?


LOL… if you have to pivot more than 3 times, you should probably call it quits

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Is this your first time growing mint?

I heard it’s invasive and was wondering if you felt that way?

New to Drupal? I heard there was this guy named @david.needham that gives introduction to Drupal trainings, you may know of him… hahaha

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Of course @McKennaR! :slight_smile:

Yes, happy to share. To be honest, when I first started out in my post-college career, I was very new to tech and had no idea there were dedicated roles for UX/Product Design. To me, I always assumed all forms of digital design = graphic design. One day, about 6 months into the job, I accidentally walked into the wrong conference room, and it turns out the design team was in the middle of a design critique session. I awkwardly walked out of the room lol, but I remember being very intrigued about what they were doing. I ended up inviting one of the design team members out to coffee to learn more and he was generous enough to let me shadow him at work once a month.

I decided to purchase a license to Sketch and watched youtube videos to teach myself the basics of UI design. I slowly learned the tool passively for about a year, with no real motivation to switch careers… yet. Finally at some point while I was a Customer Success Manager, after a series of painful interactions with angry customers, I started to think more deeply about my career. I had an honest conversation with my manager at the time, who helped me realize that I would probably feel more fulfillment if I was able to inform the product development process as a designer or researcher. I then quit my job and took an intensive online design bootcamp for 8 months. Even though it was a difficult transition at the time, the payoff was worth it!

Working in CX really helped me develop my communication skillset. I’ve always been super comfortable talking to customers and putting my work out there for feedback, which are skills that I believe are essential to be a succesful product designer. Additionally, I felt like my experience humanized the end-users. Being on the front lines reacting to questions, feedback and friction points really helps build empathy.


Also @McKennaR, here is a pic of Shaggy!


@katie.richards so it was our first time planting them this year, and I think it turned out pretty well! We had a lot of small bugs around the soil at first, but that seems to be better now. We drove down to Santa Cruz to pick them. Ended up getting 10 plants, and planted them on our balcony. I would say we had about 2 solid months of the harvest, and its just now starting to slow down. The weather has been pretty unpredictable this year (it was 100 degrees this past weekend, and 60 degrees two weeks ago), so I’m thinking its starting to impact the plants.

I love using it in a bruschetta, or just a simple salad with fresh mozzarella and figs. They’re very sweet, so I feel like the simpler the dish, the better.

Here is a picture from early august:

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They look great! My yard doesn’t get enough shade for large varieties so I can only grow patio or small pear tomatoes. I agree! Simpler is better if you want really enjoy the taste. This was my first year pruning the lower branches to help the plants focus on fruiting and it made a huge difference!

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Hi, Dorna! I’d love to hear more about your choreography – maybe even see videos? I love dance and would love to see what you do!

Sorry for the delayed response on my end!

Thanks you so much for sharing! :heart: That is so inspiring Dorna! I have heard about Sketch but really never played around with the tool. @StephGarcia helped me get started with Photoshop a few months back! I am still barely skimming the surface with it, but she has been an incredibly helpful resource for me. Maybe sometime down the road you can give me a quick intro into Sketch? :crossed_fingers:

I have also always been super intrigued about the UX. In fact, in my last role I had the opportunity to work with our digital transformation team who was tasked with redesigning the UX for our internal portal [aka intranet]. This was my first taste at anything technical in nature. And let me tell you, I learned so much! At that time I was actually offered a job as a Jr. product design manager [real story] without any of the official criteria or background. Honestly, I saw a gap to help our HR leadership team rebuild their HR sites & took it–for me that also paid off. Everyday I wonder what my life/career would look like if I accepted it. At that time the reason I didn’t take it was because I didn’t want to work behind a desk & for a company who wasn’t super forward thinking.

But that goes to say I also LOVE community & enjoy every aspect of marketing :slight_smile: But who knows what the future has in store! Either way, I love hearing these types of stories because they are so uplifting and real. Its a reminder that its never too late to shift gears or take chances! On that note I am sooooo excited for this new dashboard you have been building!!

OMGGGG BABY!!! That head tilt :heart: :dog: