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Ask Me About My Pet Pigeons or Anything Else

Hi, I’m Elisha Feliciano and I’m an Event Marketing Associate at Pantheon. I started my Event Marketing career at Odoo, where I helped organize their very first in-person conference, Odoo Connect, at the Palace of Fine Arts! While attending UC Berkeley for my undergrad, I worked for Haas School of Business under a program called B-BAY (Berkeley Business Academy for Youth) that teaches youth about entrepreneurship through their summer programs. Here, I learned that planning and running events was a career I eventually wanted to pursue.

If I’m not working you can find me lounging on the sofa enjoying a big waffle cone full of ice cream :icecream:, sipping on a cup of tea :tea: or wine :wine_glass: or slurping down a bowl of noodles :ramen:. Prior to quarantine, I loved spending time outdoors and visiting new and interesting places! Feel free to ask for any recommendations of places to go or eat if you live or plan to visit California! Or you can just ask me anything :grinning:

Fun Fact: I had two baby birds that hatched :hatching_chick: during quarantine on our balcony. They are currently learning to fly!


Hey @elishafeliciano :wave:

First off, I must know about these pet pigeons you speak of! :laughing: How in the world did this become a thing!?

I am also passionate about event planning! I think it’s the perfectionist in me, if I am being honest :slight_smile: Anyways, I think we can all agree that we are living in a really weird time. I am sure it’s been a challenging one for you & the team, transitioning all of your in-person events into virtual ones. What have you learned throughout this? Any advice for us novice event planners who want to run a virtual event but aren’t sure where to start?

Thanks Elisha!!

Hi @McKennaR a :heart_eyes:

Honestly the mama and papa pigeons just started building their nest on the balcony one day and we were like okay sure let them build. Then a couple weeks later mama pigeon gave birth to Joey and Chloe. We’re eventually gonna have to let them go out in the world, especially since they’ve made such a mess! We’ll have to wait until they can fly, until then, we built a little box home with a window and bedding :joy_cat:

During these weird times of everything going virtual I’ve learned that you the only way to succeed in events is being agile and knowing when to ask for help since things can get very overwhelming at times.

My advice for novice event planners who want to run a virtual event is to:

  1. Plan strategically : Who’s your target audience? What does success look like? How is your event going to be different than all the other virtual events out there?

  2. Be flexible and always have a back up plan! Things will never work out the way you expect it. If you’re flexible you won’t be as frustrated and you can focus on a solution!

P.S You are an honorary member or the Event Marketing team :yellow_heart:.

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Hi Elisha!

Great advice on planning virtual events. It’s definitely been a time of adjustment for a lot of organizations! Do you foresee events remaining virtual once health concerns lessen or do you think most events will return in-person? I’m curious if virtual events have proven as successful as in-person events.

What are some of you’re favorite spots in Cali? My fiance and I typically go a few times a year to visit friends. We’re always looking for new places to explore!

We’re also in the process of planning a fall 2021 wedding. :bride_with_veil: Any event tips that would translate to wedding planning? —besides “Things will never work out the way you expect it.” :sweat_smile: That’s likely, very true! But, I can still hope! :smile:


We had three baby robins hatch just outside of our window a month or so ago! It’s amazing how quickly they grow, eh?

What are your favorite ice cream flavors to get in person or from the grocery store? :ice_cream: :drooling_face:

Where are your favorite places to get a bowl of noddles in SF?


Hey Elisha! We had baby robins born right outside of the bedroom window last spring. It was so fun to watch them grow. I’ve heard a lot of stories about people watching their local bird friends during quarantine :slight_smile:
I’d love to know what your favorite type of event to plan is and why. Big? Little? Multi-day? Fancy party?


@elishafeliciano oh my gosh, I adore those names! And what a sweet little surprise to keep you busy during quarantine!

:point_up: This is GREAT advice! Something I wish someone would have told me years ago. There is a lot of power in asking for help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing those tips!


Hi Katy!

First of all Wohoo Happy engagement! :partying_face: That’s super exciting, wedding planning has been one of my dream jobs! For that, my #1 tip: hire a wedding coordinator, if anything, for the day of! It helps to alleviate any stress on your wedding day so you can focus on having fun and celebrating.

As for events, I do foresee us returning to in-person events but it’ll probably be later in 2022 and a hybrid where people have the option to attend virtually! I do think that Virtual Events are more successful in that it’s more accessible for attendees. Some folks are restricted because of travel. Virtual Events allows them to attend the event in the comfort of their own home, free of travel & other expenses, therefore we are able to broaden our audience to people outside of our normal scope.

Favorite spots in Cali: Carmel, Sonoma/Napa, Lake Tahoe and Bodega Bay . For less touristy secluded /underrated places: Cambria, Jenner, Mendocino, Sea Ranch, Dana Point & Mammoth lakes


Hi David - Love it and how cute, baby robins! Yes they do grow fast!

Favorite ice cream flavor: Earl Gray | from grocery store: Lemon Cookie by Three Twins.

Favorite Noodle place in SF: Chubby Noodle!

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Hi @katie.richards Awesome love that so many people have baby birds outside their home!

My favorite type of event to plan would be conferences! I’ve only planned one big 2 1/2 day conference at my previous job but I loved it! I love how much hard work and team work comes in making it successful, then seeing it come to life is so rewarding! A plus, is also seeing all of the customers and the community come together!

Ooo! :drooling_face: When things get back to normal and I visit SF again I will sign up for your food tour. :wink:

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:wave:put me on that food tour!

Lots of groups try novel things at events but some come across as pretty gimmicky. What terrible event ideas have you seen people try that made you groan?


@JohnRichardsII and @david.needham you got it! :wink: starting on the itinerary now hahah.

@JohnRichardsII great question! Haha I don’t know if I’ve seen super terrible ideas but I would say this idea was interesting: Last year I went to an event where the company had their employees working the booth wear a company branded head-to-toe suit! Over the top cheesy but definitely caught people’s attention! :laughing:

As promised, per our our other conversation, here’s a photo of one of our baby pigeons that’s still in the little “home” we made because she doesn’t know how to fly yet!


Now I want a Yellow Pantheon Zoot Suit!!

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