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Ask me about driving launches!

Hi, I’m Garrett Moedl a Product Marketing Manager at Pantheon, where I drive cross-functional alignment and strategic go-to-markets. In my prior years, I had worked at HP Enterprise Security and with Sitecore, together they have provided me with a mix of technical and marketing experience that I have been happy to apply to Pantheon and the WebOps space.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many opportunities to refine and hone my leadership, critical & analytical thinking, communication, and relationship-building skills. Realizing that it is people who deliver results, I have always focused on building solid relationships with management teams, partners, clients, internal teams, and other business stakeholders.

In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, long walks on the beach, bourbon, learning to cook, and watching trash tv. And while it isn’t in the cards, I would have loved to be a Backstreet Boy and a Chubbies Shorts Model (favorite branded shorts).

Ask me anything!

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Hey @gmoedl :wave:

Also a big fan of the Backstreet Boys, NBD! :heart:

Anyways, thanks for sharing a little about your experience! In your own words, I would love to learn more about a product #marketing lifecycle looks like! Would you mind elaborating?

Also what advice might you give someone who is dabbling with the idea of stepping into a product marketing role?

Hi Garrett!

I’m also interested in McKenna’s question above!

Outside of that, I’m curious what your favorite bourbon is & to quiz you on the difference between bourbon & whiskey. :laughing:

I worked in the wine & spirits industry for a few years with part of that being specific to bourbon, so I like to think I know a thing or two, although I still prefer it on the rocks vs. neat!

Thanks @McKennaR! Great questions.

First a diagram :sweat_smile:

In product marketing, we really try to be cross-functional between these core groups. I like to say we are the quarterbacks for the company leading go-to-market strategy and product launches. We tend to be SMEs for the products we represent and have to have a good understanding of where markets are headed to help direct the roadmap.

If we break it down just to launches…
Before a product launch:
Product Marketing typically owns positioning, messaging, customer development, competitive intel, asset creation, and overall strategy for the product offering/service. Messaging is the foundation for any Go-To-Market and we need to be able to position a product offering where it resonates with our target audiences.

After a Product Launch:
Product Marketing helps with sales/partner enablement, focus on on-going demand generation, adoption, and overall success of the product. It’s a loop in a way, we see how our tactics are working by measuring awareness and adoption and make pivots. Target existing and new audiences, build upon use cases, and provide feedback to our respective teams to make sure we continue to have successful sales plays, messages and campaigns, and overall Happy Customers!

Cheers @katy.gray! :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass:

Well I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. :rofl:

Hint: All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon.
I like to try different kinds. I can easily recommend Angels Envy, Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve. But when I am in Durango, CO I stack up on Cinder Dick Bourbon and Moonshine, they do small batch releases. Puts hair on your chest, I’ll tell you what.

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Sorry I missed this one.

Those that are new to Product Marketing or interested in it, you should know you will be doing a lot of research and writing. Brings you back to University days. :mortar_board:

Templates are your friend. Depending on your company’s maturity they may have existing ways of creating assets, launches, and collaboration but also some may not. There are lots of templates and processes that have been tried and tested that are out there that legacy PMMs have used to help move the needle.

Also, join a group or organization. (Not a plug) is an example of a company that helps share information and strategy for PMMs.

Lastly, you need to know you will be presenting, even if it isn’t for a large audience, you are doing it for internal teams and external audiences. Presentation is key, sign up for a Slide Design Template company of choice it makes your presentations look that much better. And if you have a problem presenting, sign-up for a Toastmaster course. I still get the jitters (I hold onto a screw as I talk). Know the slides and speak to them.

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Greetings and salutations!

Bourbon you say? Have you ever thought about making your own?

But the real question is which BSB would you be?

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Hey @jose.castaneda!

I actually have!!! On my folk’s property in Durango, CO there is a natural spring that runs through it. Water is one of those key ingredients haha. I would name it “Storm Away”. There is a story that during the gold rush, pioneers would travel through Colorado and when they made camp, they would call out “Storm Away” to keep themselves safe and dry. Little homage back to the time. :tumbler_glass:

As for the BSB’s, I would keep the set AS IS and add myself into the group. I think the process for your stage name is middle name + mother’s maiden name so I would be Conrad Robens. :musical_note:

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So sorry for the late response on my end!

This is incredibly helpful! I love that diagram because it makes it super easy to see all the areas you step into as a PMM.

Target existing and new audiences, build upon use cases, and provide feedback to our respective teams to make sure we continue to have successful sales plays, messages and campaigns, and overall Happy Customers!

:point_up:t4: This has community written all over it! While sales is not typically a team we work closely with, our community is home to long-time customers & Pantheon fans, as well as new. So every so often we audit our community for trending conversations, etc. & adjust our content and delivery to meet the needs of both respective audiences—that’s just skimming the surface of what we do :slight_smile:

Anyways this is so helpful thank you for sharing!!

Also a lot of great thoughts here!

I am also that person who gets jitters when presenting to larger audiences. I feel completely fine in small group settings but the minute I can’t count all the heads in the room is the minute my voice begins to shake & face turns red. Which is funny, because I would consider myself more of an extrovert! But you are definitely not alone on that. So having resources to help you navigate these feelings & better prepare are great!

what qualifies as “trash TV”?

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Hi @amyjune! For me, it’s all about the laughs! Something with controversy and confrontation and without a lot of character development. I can just jump right in and get the point of the show. Do you have some favorite shows you have been watching during Quarantine?

We started with Grey’s Anatomy at the beginning of the shutdown … only cause both me and the wife hate picking shows, so we picked one that had lots of seasons and episodes, that way we wouldn’t have to pick for awhile.

I am a nurse by trade, so real gore doesn’t bother me. We switched to reality medical shows… Lenox Hill was a good one (Amazon).

But our mindless shows have been Arrested Development and the UK’s Shameless (the American version can’t even compete)

But I LOVED The Umbrella Academy…

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