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Are there any issues with modern image formats and Pantheon's cache and CDN?

I’d like to know if Pantheon’s cache (Varnish?), and Pantheon’s CDN all support modern image formats such as JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP. Thank you!

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@Scott , Haven’t tried other jpeg formats but I imagine all of them can be served from cache and the CDN.

I’d suggest doing a gd_info() on your environments if you need a plugin or theme to create those file types. If they are uploaded I wouldn’t think you would have any issues.

In localdev and lando we had the support to create webp format but not on the pantheon servers through GD and image functions with PHP.

We ultimately decided however to utilize the Advanced CDN w/ IO and it serves WebP extremely fast and on the fly from any of our JPGs or other images that can be converted.