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Anyone would like to share their successful deployment setup of Bedrock outside CircleCI?

Carl Alexander has a good post in here on how to set it up in the platform using CircleCI but it would be nice if there are others out there that has tried it with another CI provider like GitLab, TravisCI, GitHub Actions, etc?


Thanks for sharing this @carlalberto!

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@julienmelissas uses Bedrock with I think Andrew Taylor worked with him to set it up.


Hey @JohnRichardsII - sorry for the late reply and thanks for the tag. Yes, we use Bedrock and deploy to Pantheon using as our CI (it works well for both our WP and non-WP projects). Not sure if I can post the exact examples but I can answer any questions! The main thing is that we use terminus and the terminus build tools plugin to deploy on a PHP container after building scss and a few other things on a node container. We also swap out .gitignore files so that things that would normally be ignored on Bedrock are picked up by Pantheon when we do a deploy.