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Anyone Having Connection Issues with Cyberduck?

Okay, so I have an ongoing issue that is DRIVING me crazy. I have reached to Pantheon support multiple times any they are unable to replicate the issue.

1.) Login to Pantheon site dashboard do to >Connection Info > Open in SFTP client > Mac OS defaults to Cyberduck.
2.) Connection is established.
3.) I have a specific folder in /files/ that I am attempting to add images to.
4.) Almost EVERY time I first attempt to upload files Cyberduck is throwing an error message: No such file. Please contact your web hosting service provider for assistance.

Eventually, if I disconnect and reconnect. Or, refresh the sFTP window 10-15 times in a row, the file will eventually upload.


  • I am running the latest version of Cyberduck on the latest version of Mac OS.
  • I have used both ssh key method and user/pass method for making the connection.
  • I have uninstalled and re-installed Cyberduck app.
  • I have experienced this issue from multiple locations (work, home, etc.)
  • I have also had same thing on FileZilla.
    -I was able to use Transmit 5 trial without any issues, but would really prefer to stay with Cyberduck.

I have fooled around in the CD settings but am not finding anything that seems to help.

Does anyone have any ideas here???

Here is a quick video of my problem:

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The fact that it works if you refresh, or disconnect/reconnect makes me wonder if there is something on your Mac that is interfering w/the transfer when the connection is new. By chance are you running through a VPN (Private Internet Access), have a machine firewall configured to do scans, something like that?

I use Transmit on the Mac and run into the same issue as well from time to time.

I find that when I use the “Open in SFTP Client” button, Cyberduck always wants to connect me to the previous site I was connected to, not the one I just clicked the button from. I generally find that I have to just close the window that opens, and then click the “Open in SFTP Client” button again to be on the right site.

This seems to be true for all Cyberduck connections on my Mac, not just Pantheon, so I’ve learned to live with it.

I use CyberDuck at least a couple times a week and confirm it takes a couple tries to connect it correctly to my desired site. I too live with it.

Have not had the disconnect issue personally but would not doubt it is recurring. At least it can eventually get the job done and the price for it is pretty good for what you get.

I’ve run into similar issues with FileZilla. After some back-and-forth with Pantheon chat, we discovered that it was somehow getting a stale IP address when using the hostname in the dashboard. What worked on a temporary basis for me was finding the actual IP address of the site container using the terminal:

$ dig +short

which should return one or more IP addresses. Using the first IP address as the hostname will connect to the current live hosting container. Keep in mind that this can change at any time so in general you should use the hostname provided in the dashboard.