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AMA Feedback Request

We need your feedback!

If we hosted a monthly AMA session, would you join?
What kind of topics are of interest to you?
Are you interested in joining an AMA with one of our team’s here at Pantheon (i.e. Product, Customer Experience, Engineering, Developer Relations, Leadership Team, etc.)? If so, what team(s) would you love to speak with?
Would you be interested in hosting an AMA on behalf of Pantheon?

If there is anything else you would love to see more of let us know!

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Hi @McKennaR:
I would like to talk with a team involved in handling community contributions to find out what is expected from contributors to get PRs approved. There are PRs for some projects that have been sitting in the queue for years and I would like to know how they can move along faster. Do you expect tests? If so, what kind of tests? Can you provide a guideline for submitting PRs? Those kinds of questions. I imagine you could get a lot more community participation by focusing in this area.

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Hi @McKennaR

I think AMA would be great; specially if open to whole Pantheon Community. I’d definitely join when topic/team match something that interest me or if I have questions on that topic :smiley:

Thanks for the idea :smiley:

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Awesome @kporras07 :clap:

I know the goal is to leverage our community as much as we can. I mean lets face it, you all are what makes this community such a special place! I think lunch & learns are also something we are looking into. With so many talented community members who all provide so much value in their respective spaces, it seems natural to host these kind of things & open it up to everyone to get involved!

Hey @uberhacker :wave:

Thanks for weighing in! That is a great question, and unfortunately one I do not have a direct answer for quite yet. I have however put this on our team’s radar, so I will make sure to keep you posted.

This is excellent feedback and definitely something we could bring to light in our AMAs. Keep it coming!