Allow Organizations and/or Sites to require Google for signing in to the Pantheon Dashboard

I would love it if we had the ability at the Organization level and/or Site level to require users to sign in to the Pantheon Dashboard using Google authentication.

At present, after linking my Pantheon account with Google via the “Connect with Google” button on the login screen, I’m still able to log in with username/password. This makes the Google authentication glow a second way to log in but doesn’t provide us with a way to force users to sign in via Google.

What I’d love to see is a way for my organization to require users to sign in with Google and disallow sign in with username/password when Google authentication is required.

We have 2FA as a requirement for Google so this would allow us to easily add a layer of 2FA to the Pantheon sign in process.


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Thank you for sharing your feature request with us, Paul! We meet with our Product Team monthly to surface feedback and feature requests like this that come through our community, so I will make sure to share this with the team, and if I can provide an update, I will. Thanks again! :smiley: