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Add support for later versions of SOLR, or other search engine solutions

With the 8.x-1.x Search API SOLR module reaching end of life on December 2019, has Pantheon given any update on what the status is of upgrading their SOLR instances from 3.6? I’m slightly concerned about investing time in a solution that may not be supported.

It would be great to get this on the development roadmap so that people who would like to leverage a search engine solution within Pantheon’s infrastructure can do so.


Seconding this request. I just put a lot of time and effort into getting Solr set up on my site, and I’m concerned about losing support. Any updates would be much appreciated.

Third-ing - We’d love to use Solr on some sites, but have held off as it seems like an abandoned feature.

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Bumping because we’re in the final month of support for search_api_solr 8.x-1.x. They’ve given a final notice that support is being dropped on Dec 31st.

Any update on where things stand with Solr?

Any update on where things stand with Solr?

I thought at one point there was a plan for them to update?

Any update on SOLR update? I’ve had a couple people in support chats hint at something coming soon. Unfortunately I’ve not seen anything.


I think that having just the option of an End of Life version of Solr is not great.

We’ve been forced to use a 3rd party service, for which I didn’t budget the cost. Not ideal :slight_smile:

Any update and/or timeline regarding this would thus be much appreciated.