Add notes field to Autopilot

It would be useful to have a text "Notes"field attached to Drupal sites in Autopilot, that could show in the tables for "Needs Review’ and “Errors”

Use cases:
-A site that is behind a password, so does not work with Autopilot
-A site where the owner has been informed of code fixes they need to make, that is preventing Autopilot from running
-Other site specific notes that effect Autopilot

-Currently we have to ask Support for errors messages from Autopilot, but it can be a handful to keep track of with large numbers of sites. Having a Notes field would allow those messages to be kept near at hand instead of potentially reopening repeat support tickets, or keep notes for sites with other pertinent Autopilot info.

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One tip I have figured out to be able to use Autopilot with password-protected sites is to list the URL /pantheon_healthcheck as the only URL to test with the VRT. That should simply return “OK” if the site is up.

You’re essentially bypassing the VRT that way, so no guarantees that the updates aren’t going to break anything, but if you want to treat Autopilot as a little more of a blunt tool to merge every available update, that’s a way to do it.

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Thank you for sharing your feature request with us, @daveban! :slightly_smiling_face: We meet with our Product Team monthly to surface feedback and feature requests like this that come through our community, so I will make sure to share this with the team, and if I can provide an update, I will. I’ve also moved this post to our “Ideas Hub” forum category, so we can better keep track of it, along with other feature requests.

Also, thanks @gravelpot for sharing a tip for using Autopilot with password-protected sites! :pray: