Add account manager contact details in dashboard

It would be great if the contact details for our account manager could be visible somewhere within the dashboard.

We recently had our account manager get switched without our knowledge. I went to email our previous account manager and got a kickback email for undeliverable mail.

I ended up getting contact details for our new account manager from the support chat, but it would be great to have those details live somewhere within the dashboard for easy access.

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Hi, @daceej! Thanks for reaching out! I apologize that contacting your new account manager was not a seamless experience! I’ve shared your experience, as well as your feature request, with the team + if there are any updates, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Hi, @daceej! I just wanted to circle back on this + share that this has been submitted as a feature request + is on our Product Team’s radar. If there are any any updates to this, I’ll be sure to share them. Thanks!