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Acquia BLT Alternatives?

8.7 and a new greenfield project has me rethinking tooling.

While I like a lot of what BLT does, I find it extremely opaque and not very configurable, which makes it incredibly frustrating. I truly wish someone would come up with an alternative that could be better customized to projects that don’t fit the Acquia Lightning/Cloud mold. Maybe it is, but the documentation is so opaque that short of completely tearing the code apart to see how it all fits together, I don’t see it supporting the current plan to use Lando to do local builds for a non-Acquia platform. I can see fragments of solutions, but nothing to make me feel warm and fuzzy.

I’d love to hear if there are shell scripts or an alternative option to implement some/all of what BLT does but in a less opinionated way. Recommendations?

Often I think that BLT creates solutions to problems without always solving them. We use Docksal, and while similar to Lando, helps us create some of those scripts we can string together for devops processes. There is even an integration with Docksal and BLT, but if you look at the docs, it’s really just an added interface layer for running the same BLT commands. I think the issue is primarily that BLT relies on Drush, while on Pantheon it’s easier to work with sites through Terminus.

What I’ve done is just made a few basic scripts I need for spinning up, syncing, and testing in Docksal (D7, D8, and WP), and all I need to do is replace a key (Terminus, Acquia, CircleCI if available) for each site. It’s not perfect, but it’s something to build on.

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@kyletaylored I’d love to see your scripts…