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Hi everyone! Just signed up for BADCamp 2019 in Berkeley and wanted to start a topic here about that conference. If you are going:

  • What sessions/trainings are you planning on attending?
  • How many years have you attended BADCamp?
  • Would you be interested in a small meetup?

I’ll start! This will be my 4th BADCamp and excited as ever to attend! I’m going to go to some of the sessions about migrations from D7 -> D8 as that is our main focus right now. And I hope to learn more about components / standardizing on a design system to help us build our sites faster and make them easier to maintain. I’d love to meetup with the Pantheon community if that is something others want to do as well.

Thanks so much for sharing! I moved your original post here so others can join in on the conversation (hope that’s okay!). I know this is an event we are sponsoring, so we have a lot of Pantheors attending! @david.needham will be giving a training workshop on Drupal 8 :clap:

But I am sure there will be a few more from our team there! Always great to connect with our community members at these kinds of events!

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