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2nd Annual Gift of Open Source Coming Soon! πŸŽ‰

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Community Event - The Gift of Open Source! :wave:t4:

We are super excited to have you here! If this is your first time participating, please drop us a comment below so we can help guide you through this amazing, month-long challenge. :arrow_down:

:gift: What is the Gift of Open Source?

The Gift of Open Source is an annual community challenge that takes place throughout the month of December. The purpose of this event is to sprinkle some extra cheer during the holiday season by giving back to the open source projects that you love most.

:gift: When does the Gift of Open Source begin?

The challenge will begin December 1st and run through December 31st [registration will remain open until December 31st].

:gift: Who Can Participate?

In the spirit of inclusivity, open source enthusiasts from all backgrounds and skills levels are encouraged to participate. Technical and non-technical contributors are welcome! Both code and non-code contributions will be accepted this year. :tada:

:gift: Where Can I Register?

Early-bird registration coming soon! Our community members will be the first to know when registration opens, so check-in periodically for updates! :eyes:

:gift: How Do I Get Involved?

Any contribution to Drupal core, WordPress core, Pantheon repos, or another open source project counts as participation. We invite contributions of all kinds, too–not just code! That means attending a community meeting, working on documentation and much more.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! We will be providing first-time contributors will a list of beginner projects, as well as tons of awesome resources to jump right. Stay tuned! :upside_down_face:

:gift: Do I Get a Prize for Participating?

You know it! The first 300 people to register for the event, join thePantheon Community (yep, you’re already here!) & contribute to at least two open source projects during the month of December will receive a Gift of Open Source t-shirt! All other participants will receive a mystery swag bag for participating!

:gift: How do I Receive Credit for my Contributions?

In order to receive credit for all of your amazing contribution(s) you must provide proof [links or screenshots] of your contributions here before January 1st.

Have a Question?

We’ve got you covered! Drop them in the #gift-of-open-source Slack channel and one of our awesome team members will be able to help you out in a jiffy!

To learn all about the Gift of Open Source, please take a few moments to read through these FAQs .

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Looking forward to it! :smiley:

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Woooohoo we are excited to see all of the awesome contributions come in! :clap: