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2021 Gift of Open Source: Update and Contributor Shoutout 📢

Hi everyone! :wave: I wanted to share an update on this year’s Gift of Open Source event. So far, we’ve had 180+ registrations and 70+ contributions, but we know we can do better! In case you haven’t registered for the event yet, you can do so here. Did we mention that the first 300 people to register (and also contribute to at least 2 open source projects) will automatically be locked in to receive a limited edition Gift of Open Source t-shirt? :tshirt:

Thank You to Our Contributors So Far:
Shoutout to all those who have already submitted contributions for the Gift of Open Source: Abhisek Mazumdar, @volkswagenchick, @amykhailova, @bramdriesen, @bjlewis2, Carly Gerard, Caroline Alexander, Cindy Williams, @natts, Doug Schaapveld, Esaya Jokonya, @evaldas, @FrancoisN, @GaleW, Gaurav Kapoor, Ivan Trokhanenko, @joan.edwards, @katie.richards, @katy.gray, @KurtTrowbridge, Max Bronsema, @McKennaR, @omar.muhyar, Rick Williams, @ryan.marks, @shelane, Simon Lindsay, @stefany.mantilla, Sumit Kumar, @surabhi.gokte, Taylor Williamson, @tbcs, @froboy, Kevin Porras, PopArt Studio, and Keshav R. Thank YOU for helping make the open web more inclusive, efficient, and impactful. :clap:

Some Background Information:
For anyone who is new here, the Gift of Open Source is a free, annual challenge hosted by Pantheon that takes place throughout the month of December (December 1-31). The purpose of this event is to sprinkle some extra cheer during the holiday season by encouraging people to give back to the open source projects they love the most! Whether helping diversify speaker rosters at events, contributing to documentation, or coding on WP-CLI, there is something for everyone. Open source enthusiasts from all backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to contribute! Both code or non-code contributions are welcome (and we can’t stress this enough!).

What Can You Do?
We invite everyone to register for the Gift of Open Source and to contribute! To everyone who has already participated, please keep contributing and invite your friends, colleagues, and peers to join in on the fun as well (feel free to tag in anyone you know in this community in the comments section below)!

Just make sure to register here and submit your contribution(s) here by Friday, December 31 at 11:59pm PT to receive credit, and score an awesome swag bag for participating.

If we hit 500 or more total contributions, Pantheon will donate $5K each to the WordPress Foundation and Drupal Association.

Thanks for all you do for the open source community :black_heart::yellow_heart:,
@vee.vopham, @McKennaR, and @katie.richards