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2021 Gift of Open Source: Resources for Contribution - From Novice to Experienced Contributor

At Pantheon, we believe deeply in the Open Web, that it plays a critical role in solving many of today’s most meaningful challenges. Open source projects are the bedrock of that potential, and the Gift of Open Source gives you an opportunity to give back and make your mark on the Open Web.

Open Source software is built through contributions from the community. Being a contributor allows you to improve that software, but also learn and grow through the process. One of Pantheon’s Community team goals for the Gift of Open Source event is to lower the barrier for contributing to open source projects for all contributors. One way to do that is to share resources and tips for contribution during Gift of Open Source!

Are you a Novice Contributor?

There are many, many ways to get involved in Open Source projects but if you are new to contribution, there might be too many options. It can get overwhelming! I spent nearly a decade working with developers, designers, and others involved in making open source software before I contributed for the first time. My top suggestion for aspiring contributors is to think of what skills you have to share and play up those strengths and skills. Drupal, WordPress, open source modules and plugins, and more need a variety of folks with a wide range of skills to keep growing and iterating. I’ve linked some resources below that are great for new contributors or those who need a contribution refresh.

First Timers Only is a site devoted to teaching novice contributors how to go about supporting their favorite open source projects through contribution. It is a stellar, high-level view on contributing to any project, not just WordPress or Drupal.

YouTube Playlist with New Contributor Workshops
The Pantheon Community team partnered with Open Source Community Manager AmyJune Hineline (@volkswagenchick) to run new contributor-focused workshops during Gift of Open Source 2020. AmyJune speaks at a LOT of community events in the WordPress and Drupal spaces with a main focus on making participation in open source accessible to everyone. These workshops were recorded live December 2020 but remain incredibly relevant to those who want to contribute but aren’t sure where to start. After organizing and hosting these webinars with AmyJune last year, I finally knew how I wanted to contribute for the first time!

Drupal Association Resource Page
In preparation for Gift of Open Source, the Drupal Association has put together their own resource page of high-priority areas that are ready for new contributors. Are you an experienced Drupal contributor? They’ve provided a suggestions for you too!
WordPress is making a huge impact on the web and is always looking to connect folks who want to give back to the project to the right area for contribution. lists the teams focused on different parts of the project. Take a few minutes to click through some areas that might interest you.

New to GitHub? If working with GitHub has you worried, fear not! We have a handy first-timer guide on the Community Forum to help walk you through terminology and making your first pull request!

Are you an experienced contributor?

Thank you for making the open web a better place to be! We’ll be updating this list posted on the forum as December goes on to highlight projects that have let us know they are ready for contributors

Are you an open source project maintainer?

We are so glad you’re here! Check out this GitHub page for recommendations and FAQs for maintainers who want their projects to be included in Gift of Open Source. We highly recommend sharing your project in the Gift of Open Source category of the Community Forum as well!