2021 Community Survey: Thank You and Key Takeaways

Hi everyone! I wanted to share an update on our 2021 Community Survey! On behalf of the Community Team, I want to extend a huge thank you to the 55 people who took part in our survey. Your feedback will be incredibly valuable in helping us deliver a more dynamic and engaging user experience in and beyond 2022.

Gift Card Winners

Shoutout to the three winners who were randomly selected out of all survey participants to receive a gift card. Let’s give a round of applause to @bjlewis2, @pauljmartinez, and @JohnLuk. Note to the gift card winners: You should expect to see an email from our team soon about how to claim your $100 Visa Gift Card; if you don’t by the end of next week, please feel free to reach out to me or @McKennaR.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! See below for some highlights and key takeaways from the survey.

Survey Highlights

57% of respondents were not aware of our Heroes Advocacy Program.

80% of respondents were aware that we had a Community Forum; however, 52% of respondents have not visited our Community Forum recently.

82% of respondents were aware that we had a Community Slack, and 78% of respondents have recently visited our Community Slack.

When asked what topics would get the most value in on the Community Forum or Slack, respondents answered (in level of popularity): Back-End Development, Version Control, Design Systems/Framework, Front-End Development, and Not listed (none of the above).

When asked what our community wanted to see more of in the future, respondents answered (in level of popularity): Developer Blog, Community Newsletter, Rewards Program, Bug/Building Bounty Opportunities, Referral Program, Moderators Program, and Unlisted - Write in (none of the above).

67% of respondents answered that they feel like their participation in the Community has an impact on internal Pantheon planning.

Feedback for Our Community Forum

Here’s what respondents said would improve the Community Forum: Segmented topics to make the use of Slack more relevant, better searchability, and more involvement from Pantheon staff.

Here’s what respondents said is working:

Nothing specific comes to mind. I can usually learn something useful from the people there.

I’m really happy with what Pantheon offers in the various Slack channels.

Very helpful to be able to go into Slack and ask questions and get answers quickly.

Feedback on Our Community Slack:

Here’s what respondents said would improve the Community Slack: Better searchability/an enhanced user experience, to have more facilitated discussions among the community (particularly on technical topics), and for more interesting content/articles to be shared that would benefit the community, e.g., WordPress and Drupal best practices, and a faster response time from Pantheon staff.

Here’s what respondents said is working:

I only recently posted on the forum, but I found it well organized and two people responded pretty quickly to my post, which is great!

I like the Community Forum and constantly suggest my students use it.

I love the forum and I think it functions very well.

I do want to ensure all of you that we hear you on what’s working and what needs improvement. We’ve shared your responses internally with our team and are actively incorporating all of your feedback into our community strategy and goals for the year. We look forward to utilizing all that you’ve shared with us in the survey to enhance your community experience!

Didn’t get to participate in our 2021 Community Survey or have other ideas you want to share with us? Send us an email at community@pantheon.io, or if you’d like to submit your feedback anonymously, use this form.

Your Community Team :black_heart::yellow_heart:,
@vee.vopham, @McKennaR, and @katie.richards