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2019: Your Year in Review!

Can you believe 2019 is quickly coming to an end! :sparkles: What a whirlwind it’s been [am I right]?

I don’t know about you, but what I love most about the new year is reflecting on all of the amazing things [personal & professional] that have happened!

We want to know what you are most proud of this year! What are you looking forward to in 2020? Drop a comment below & tag a friend to join in on the fun :point_down:

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In true holiday spirit, I will go first!

Here are some of the awesome things that happened in 2019 :sparkles:

Became a bottle-fed foster mom [adopted my furbaby Chubs!] :dog:
Started working for Pantheon :pantheon:
Started building my tiny home! :houses:
Ran in my second half marathon :running_woman:

What I am most excited for in 2020

Finishing my tiny home! :house:
Buying a new SUV/truck [so I can actually tow my tiny home] :truck:
Visiting Alaska [last state on the list!] :cold_face:
Moving to Nashville, TV [planning on buying my FIRST home] :mailbox_with_no_mail:
Helping grow this amazing community! Maybe even delivering my first #WordCamp session! :heart_eyes:

I nominate @sparklingrobots & @kelsey.kenyon . Tag you’re it!


2019 was a pretty great year. There were some down points but one of the things I’ve been exercising in 2019 is the motto “only share good news.” On that note:

  • We started a big home renovation project that’ll add 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, an additional family room, plus tons of organized storage (effectively doubling our finished square footage!). It’s something we’ve dreamed about (and saved for) for 5 years and are thrilled to have underway
  • Started working with Pantheon, a company I’ve always had the utmost respect for and heard such great things at working at. Turns out, all those rumors were true!
  • Attended (and presented at) my first Drupal event!

In 2020, there are exciting things coming as well!

  • Attending my first DrupalCon (I hope!)
  • Finishing that giant remodel project :grin:
  • Accomplishing some big financial goals
  • Welcome a new niece/nephew into my family
  • Some sort of epic family vacation at some point

Yay! So fun seeing what y’all have been up to. I’m gonna steal @McKennaR’s excellent format:

2019 Awesomeness:
Joined the awesome Pantheon DevRel team! :pantheon:
Became the leader of Drupal Diversity & Inclusion! :ddi:
Gave a keynote address! :microphone:
Life goal achieved: Rode a bike in Amsterdam! :biking_woman:

2020 Anticipation:
Heading to more WordPress events! :wordpress:
Planting my first garden! :tomato: :tulip:
Learning more about decoupled sites! :woman_technologist:t2:
Writing my first Twine game! :yarn:

I nominate @ruby & @monicadear! :heart:

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Thanks for tagging me @sparklingrobots! I haven’t really had time to do much reflection as I am hurriedly trying to finish All The Things before vacation starts. So I’m going to borrow from the year-end thoughts shared at our Drupal Diversity and Inclusion meeting today.


  • This year I completely transformed myself in some personal ways and I’m really proud of myself for being able to envision it, taking the leap, and dealing with growing pains along the way. This kind of thing is especially hard when you are already in middle age and think you know who you are and how to be. I also worked on being out about it to hopefully help make space for others for whom these changes may feel scary (because they are). :rainbow_flag: :heart:

  • I’m also very proud to have achieved my lifelong dream of being arrested for committing civil disobedience on a critical moral issue (Abolishing ICE). 2020 will be the year of unpleasant court appearances, though. :unamused:


  • I’m looking forward to my son starting middle school next year, and the independence and freedom that will bring us both.

  • I’m super excited (I just found out yesterday) that I’ll be going to the Creating Change conference, along with hopefully BADcamp (my favorite camp) and probably DrupalCon.

And now I will pass the torch to @fatima.khalid and @sarahg (who have both thoroughly confused me by not being sugaroverflow and hey_germano respectively).


Agreed on the name confusion. :smiley:

@ruby is there a legal defense fund I can give to for all those court dates?

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Yes, there is! But I’ve been told not to share the link yet because of some organizational details. I will let you know when it’s ready. Thank you!

Ah, okay! I’d love to donate & share it when it’s ready.

Thanks for the tag @sparklingrobots

2019 Awesomeness:

2020 Anticipation:

tagging @amyjune and @sandy @Kaylan


Hi @monicadear ! :wave:

Thanks for sharing with us! That is such an awesome accomplishment–NTENny awardee has a fabulous ring to it :trophy:

Drupal Hawaii sounds absolutely dreamy! I am still trying to convince my team to send me! I mean what else could be better–WordPress & Beachin! :wordpress: :beach_umbrella:

Excited to hear more about all of the awesome things you accomplish in 2020!

Cool @monicadear, I’m an NTENny winner too! I think it was 2011? I can’t remember.

OK I just looked it up and it was 2008. Oops. What really is time anyway? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My exact thoughts :upside_down_face: 2020 is so the new 2008! Still an amazing accomplishment @ruby :trophy: