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Getting Started with Pantheon For an introduction, we cover a lot of material in this workshop! We discuss WebOps, Pantheon’s values, and a live demo following a code change through Dev - Test - Live. Command Line Interface with Terminus You got your first taste of Terminus and learned that scripting was possible, but what are people actually using it for? Bring your questions and share code samples to raise your Terminus know-how. Automate and Integrate with Quicksilver A place to discuss and ask questions about the technical training covering Pantheon’s platform hook system (Quicksilver) explaining how to automate tasks like configuration management, chat notifications, and all kinds of testing. Site Performance with Varnish, Redis, & New Relic Getting started with caching and performance monitoring here on Pantheon? Jump in here with your questions and thoughts. Going Live Best Practices Going live doesn’t have to be stressful. Hopefully the workshop has helped, but this is a great place to follow up with questions or show off the new site that you’ve been working on all this time. Getting Started with Drupal Learning Drupal doesn’t have to stop after this workshop. Join our community board board to keep the conversation going.
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